Top 7 Blogging Niches to Make Money In 2021

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You would possibly have already got a subject in mind in your blog, or you may not have any ideas in any respect. All of the niches beneath are superb ones to attempt, as long as you select a topic that you’re honestly inquisitive about

These are all large, famous niches around for years that can make quite a little money.

1. Health and Fitness

These niches are captured by a huge audience, and also you’ll certainly discover a target market in case you’re running a blog about something in this vicinity.

These (Health and fitness) are one of the maximum popular running blog niches. It is a beneficial area of interest this means that there are a ton of blogs to be competing with you.

The very best way to construct your voice is by narrowing it right down to your well-known interest.

There are masses of different angles that you may take:

  • A specific food plan: paleo, gluten-unfastened, uncooked food, 5:2, keto…
  • A selected type of exercising: walking, weight-lifting, CrossFit…
  • A specific audience: ladies, men, young, vintage, geeky…
  • A particular method to health: homeopathy, acupuncture, well-being…
  • Sharing your progress: in case you’re on a health adventure of your very own, you may update readers on that and share your instructions discovere…

2. Personal Finance

We all want money, and many of us need to earn more, spend much less, or store more. Blogs on personal finance have found massive audiences, and again, there are masses of various angles and techniques you could take.

You may pick to write about:

  • Frugality: cash saving guidelines, the use of coupons, anti-consumerism…
  • Investing: market tips, nice index finances, angel traders…
  • Debt: paying it off, mortgages, pupil loans…
  • Budgeting: software, motivation, price-slicing recommendations…
  • Sharing your development: this is quite common with blogs that concentrate on getting out of debt
  • Related: quality WordPress issues for financial blogs.

3. Fashion Blog

Style is any other immensely famous running a blog niche and one that could be a superb cash-maker. It’s a specifically appropriate match if you love posting on Instagram, that’s in which a few fashion bloggers have turn out to be particularly influential.

Many fashion blogs are cognizant of the blogger and consist of masses of snapshots. If you want to stay nameless, or if you hate being photographed, then this kind of fashion running a blog in all likelihood isn’t for you. As a substitute, you might need to blog approximately specific traits inside fashion or percentage style-associated information.

Although you would possibly accomplice style blogging with woman bloggers, this area of interest isn’t just for women.

There are masses of fellows’ fashion blogs (often known as “men’s style”) obtainable too. Those tend to attention extra to hints and product guidelines than to private pics.

4. Lifestyle

What’s the “lifestyle” area of interest in blogging? It may be a little perplexing if you’re new to running a blog, so allow ruin it down.

Way of life means writing approximately a selection of various topics that are linked through having the same target audience.

As an example, you might have a lifestyle blog where you write about food, fashion, and motherhood. The relationship is which you’re writing for women of their 30s and 40s who want to consume properly and look splendid while elevating young children.

Alternatively, you may have a lifestyle weblog aimed at unmarried girls that specializes in travel, beauty, and hair. Or you may have a weblog aimed toward guys aged 20 to forty that’s all about style, fitness, and track.

The mixture of subjects is up to you, but it’s crucial to make sure your blog has a very clear brand to present its attention and route.

5. Business and Marketing Blog

There are masses of blogs accessible that cowl business and advertising-related subjects. In case you’ve been reading a lot about running a blog, you would possibly sense like each famous blog talks about something to do with running a blog, marketing, or building a business!

If you’ve were given a commercial enterprise or advertising and marketing background, then starting a blog in this niche might be an extraordinary idea. As with the other niches on our list, this is a massive one, so that you’ll want to discover a clean awareness and voice for your personal weblog.

Relying on your know-how and pursuits, you might select to weblog approximately:

  • B2B (commercial enterprise-to-commercial enterprise) marketing
  • B2C (business-to-consumer) advertising and marketing
  • Entrepreneurship: beginning and developing agencies
  • Small agencies: increasingly more people are entering into self-employment, so that is a first-rate location to target
  • A particular form of advertising or vicinity of marketing: networking, social media advertising, copywriting, direct reaction advertising…

6. Technology and Gaming

The short-paced era area of interest is remarkable for earning profits from affiliate profits, either immediately from producers and software corporations, or thru a website like Amazon.

Your first-class monetization routes are probable to be through advertising and affiliate advertising and marketing. Even in case you’re no longer writing in-depth product critiques, technology or gaming weblog will provide you with masses of possibilities to hyperlink to products or software with the use of associate links.

You won’t have the ability to interrupt industry news or percentage insider information, however, there are nevertheless plenty of things you can write about in this area of interest:

  • Precise equipment or devices: telephone handsets, digital cameras, fitness trackers, Chromebooks…
  • Games: for consoles, desktops, mobiles, Facebook…
  • Tutorials: either for a particular piece of software (e.G. Photoshop) or more extensive-ranging
  • Contemporary news: generally about a selected business enterprise or type of product
  • Generation or gaming for a particular demographic, inclusive of teenagers or boomers

7. Travel Blog

The final niche on our list is Travel Blog. Once more, it’s an extremely famous niche, both with bloggers and with readers, and there are plenty of one-of-a-kind techniques you can take to build a hit weblog.

Blogging approximately your personal travels could be monetized via affiliate links to inns, advocated journey buys, and so on. It might even provide you with opportunities for free vacations.

Remarkable photographs are, of the route, an essential part of your tour weblog. Even in case you’re simply writing about neighborhood points of interest, humans will want to peer pix.

You could focus your tour blog by writing approximately:

  • Specific countries or continents: things to do, restaurants to visit, approach to get around…
  • A selected type of visitor: families, solo female travelers, virtual nomads…
  • Travel offers: for flights, hotels, packages…
  • Your personal travels: having a key topic or logo could make this less complicated to monetize
  • For distinct commands, see our manual on how to begin a tour blog and make money from it.

Different Famous Blogging Niches To Consider

Of course, those aren’t the handiest ones you may make extremely good money from. There are bloggers obtainable with successful blogs on almost any subject matter you could think of.

Perhaps not one of the thoughts we’ve looked at sounds like a terrific match for you. Don’t push yourself to start a weblog on a subject in that you’re not interested.

Here are a few different appropriate options to strive for. All of them have the capability to make masses of cash.

Crafts Blog

In case you love to knit, paint, sew, make rings, or have interaction in some different kind of craft, why now not weblog about it? There are lots of super cunning blogs out there, and that they tend to do honestly nicely on Pinterest.

As with other especially visual niches, like fashion, lifestyle, and tour, you’ll need as a way to encompass outstanding pictures. You may monetize via the usage of associate hyperlinks to any crafting tools and materials which you need to promote or utilizing promoting your crafted objects via a marketplace like Etsy.

DIY Blog

Do you experience adorning and transforming your property? Or maybe you’ve gone similarly and redesigned or even rebuilt your private home. There are masses of DIY blogs accessible, and this can be a remarkable sort of blogging to try in case you experience writing tutorials and “how-to” articles.

Parenting Blog

Do you’ve got children? There are hundreds of blogs obtainable about parenting, covering all sorts of one-of-a-kind angles. Whilst you might assume the niche is already complete of mommy bloggers, the target market for parenting blogs is so large that it’s surely worth thinking about.

To assist your parenting weblog to stand out, you’ll want a clean angle. You can write about a level of parenting (like parenting toddlers) or you may write for a sure group of dad and mom (like older dad and mom or teenager mother and father).

Educational Blog

Is there a topic that you recognize properly and that you may teach others about? That would grow to be a first-rate niche for you.

For example, possibly you’re a keen amateur photographer and you could write specified tutorials for beginners. Or maybe you’re a skilled developer and you may provide hints for human beings mastering code.

Websites that teach human beings how to do something can almost constantly be monetized through selling ebooks, online guides, or different information products.

Tip: you could also create and sell online courses along with your blog posts to make a few serious doughs.

Food Blog

All of us want to devour! Blogs approximately food can be highly famous. In this area of interest, you’ll nearly certainly be sharing recipes, so that you’ll want to take photos that make the appearance of your meals super.

Again, it allows having an angle or precise vicinity that your blog makes a specialty of within the broader niche. Perhaps you’ll be writing approximately brief and clean food that flavor exceptional or about gluten-loose or dairy-unfastened recipes.

Advertising, associate links, or your personal recipe book ought to all be super methods to monetize your food blog.

Very last mind on deciding on the first-class blogging area of interest.
You can spend all the time seeking to choose the very nice running a blog area of interest. If you start your blog now, and focus properly on growing your blog and audience/readers; in six months or a year from now, you could be making proper cash from it.

First, select a niche that interests you and make sure you’ve got a clear idea approximately how you can monetize it.

Then, pick a site call that works well in your blog subject matter.

Ultimately, sign on for a web hosting account and sign in to your area call. There are masses of website hosting and domain issuer so one can price you around $5-12 / month.

That’s all you want to do to get commenced along with your blog.

Hope this blog has helped you pick out an excellent running blog niche to make money from your weblog.


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